What it’s like tinder

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What it’s like tinder (tinder in Russia, tinder in Europe, tinder in America) meme-a comparison of men who registered in the Dating app Tinder in different countries. The joke is that the aliens supposedly much more attractive to the Russians. Some support this idea, others ridiculed her.


At the end of August the Russian-speaking wearer of Twitter started posting screenshots with guys from Tinder in other countries. It all started with a tweet @cash1h1 about the beautiful Dutch.

In Riblah under tweet of the girl immediately began to compare foreigners to Russian men.

On 31 August the lady @leilashian tweeted: “You know what it’s like Berlin’s Tinder? So I’ll show you now” and attached the screenshots with pics of the guys.

The tweet became viral and got 8,7 thousand likes. The format began to copy, is Berlin’s tinder appeared in Moscow, Buryat, Hanoi and other tindery.

The value

Memes of the format “what it’s like tinder” show typical representatives of a country, city Dating app. Initially, the idea was to show what beautiful men abroad and ugly in Russia.

But with the proliferation of the meme degree of irony began to rise. First began to mock the stereotype that Russian men are terrible. And then in the course went jokes about the fantastic races, movie characters, etc.

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Author: AlenaSexi