Obama awards Obama

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Obama awards Obama (Obama Obama Awards a Medal) — otfotoshopte meme with a picture of Barack Obama awards the medal of Barack Obama.


The original photo was shot on 22 November 2016. It then acting U.S. President Barack Obama awards the medal of musician Bruce Springsteen.

Обама награжадет Обаму медалью - оригинал

Otvetstvennyy version published 11 January 2017 satirical publication The Barbed Wire. In this fotozhabu Springsteen’s face replaced the face of Obama. It was as though Obama awards himself.

The picture became viral and went on to Western social networks. And the next day it turned into a meme. It all started with a post of the redditor, who added to the picture caption: “When your meme scored 4 Laika”.

Обама награжадет Обаму медалью

Format long gained momentum and became popular only at the end of June 2019. So, the meme says “When Netflix puts the films into the category of Popular” scored more than 66 thousands of upvotes.

Обама награжадет Обаму медалью

The value

Meme with Obama awarded to himself, illustrates a situation in which someone is promoting himself. Most often, these situations are associated with the likes of their posts and laugh at his own jokes.


Обама награжадет Обаму медалью - оригинал


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Author: AlenaSexi