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Sksksksk meme, based on the onomatopoeia for a fast and alternately pressing the S button and K. is Used as a reaction to something surprising, shocking or exciting. In 2019, has become a substitute laughter for so-called VSCO Cam Girl.


Back in 2013 on YouTube appeared ASMR videoin which the girls repeated design Sksksksk. But a mass phenomenon that onomatopoeia was approximately 2017.

The origins of meme Sksksksk go into the so-called Black Twitter community of black users of the social network. They in 2014 began to add to their tweets SKSKSK. This formula means that you have too many emotions, and he could not put into words. Sksksksk can be a laugh, and an angry set of sounds.



In 2017 meme Sksksksk transcended the Twitter community — Stan Twitter. Stan is users who are obsessed with some musician or actor. They only write about it, changing their avatars and nicknames, doing local memes.

In the early summer of 2019 meme Sksksksk appropriated VSCO Girl. It’s a subculture of girls who can’t live without instagram and possess a certain set of accessories.

VSCO Girl moved the meme in TikTok. Full of videos with girls who literally say this design during a conversation. Mostly these videos parody.

The value

Dictionary Urban Dictionary defines Sksksksk as “how VSCO laughing Girl”. For many, this formula replaced the standard hahahaha. But onomatopoeia is used not only to Express the laughter. Most often it means that a person is excited, surprised, full of emotion.


Что такое sksksksk

Что такое sksksksk

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Author: AlenaSexi