Detective Pikachu in fear

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Detective Pikachu in fear (Cowering Detective Pikachu) — memorial to the hero of the film «Detective Pikachu», which fell and cower at the sight of impending danger.


The frame became a meme, taken from the movie «Detective Pikachu», which was released in February 2019. In one scene, the pokemon had to fight in the arena with Charizard. Cornered Pikachu could do nothing except in terror to cower before the enemy.

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The first meme based on this picture, appeared may 16 on Reddit. The user JWynnforsture photoshopped to Pikachu outfit from the game «Minecraft» and described a familiar situation.

Cowering Pikachu meme

When you’re mining and you hear horrible sounds from the cave.

During the month meme spread by Western social networks. And in July the format became popular.

The value

Meme with detective Pikachu, which terrified covered legs, demonstrates fear and insecurity. The picture with the hero of the film is a reaction to something unexpected that scares people.

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