How video games affect children

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How video games affect children (#VideoGamesAreNotToBlame) — a series of memes making fun of the stereotypes that games are supposedly making kids and Teens violent and result in mass firings. People who love the game show than actually do, and prove their peacefulness.


Despite the fact that there is no reputable scientific studies proving the negative impact of video games on the level of severity of children and adolescents, these activities are regularly criticized. Mostly from people older than 40 years, whose generation was not actively involved in the gaming industry as users.

Almost every time somewhere in the world, the student arranges a shooting or other act of violence, there are people who blame video games for what happened. It happened after shutemov in Texas August 3 Ohio 4 August 2019.

First against video games in favor of regional officials, and then it came to US President Donald trump. On August 5 he addressed about Sotirov in Texas and Ohio and spoke out against video games.

We need to stop the glorification of violence in our society. This includes gruesome video games, which have now become commonplace. Today’s troubled youth is too easy to surround yourself with a culture that celebrates violence. We have to stop or significantly reduce it, and it should begin immediatelyDonald trump

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Network users and gamers, this logic seemed ridiculous, they began to write that the game is played worldwide, but there is a mass shooting does not occur as often as in the United States.

Mass shooting in 2019. In none of these countries do not have video games, it is obvious that the problem is them.

In the English-speaking segment of Twitter began to disperse the hashtag #VideoGamesAreNotToBlame (don’t blame video games). Users started to write what actually taught them “violent” games.

Как видеоигры влияют на детей

I blame “Maycraft” that he taught me to be creative and use your imagination

In the post-Soviet space of video games is also surrounded by a large number of myths, many gamers have faced confusion and criticism from relatives. These myths have found the mapping in the meme, but since in the West this topic was published in trends in the Russian segment of social networks memes about the dangers of games began to emerge more often.

Как видеоигры влияют на детей

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The value

Memes about how video games affect children, making fun of stereotypes, which are broadcast in the media and among the older generation. In a standard set of stereotypes included cruelty and aggression, unwillingness to communicate with people, problems with appearance and health, and obsession with games and the lack of other interests in life.

Although in reality you can see that gamers are very different people, and that games often learn useful things, these stereotypes continue to live. So the meme fans of the game show how video games affect children in fact, and the urge to seek the real roots of social problems, and not leave it all to the game.

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