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Nice 69 (69 class) — a series of memes and screenshots in which users saw somewhere the number 69, the answer is: «Class.»


As you know, the number 69 is associated with the posture in sex. Figures 6 and 9 arranged side by side, like two people engaged in mutual oral sex. Because of this, the number 69 on the Internet often leads to dirty jokes.

Nice to write in response to 69 the Internet began back in 2008. At least on Twitter remained similar examples.

69 nice meme

At the same time practice to respond to Nice in response to something related to sex, went from animated series «South Park.» In one episode, the cops learned that a boy had sex with a pretty teacher. And responded to it with the word Nice («Class», «Cool»). This is episode 10 of season 10 of «South Park», which was released in October 2006.

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In 2009, American football commentator said on the sentence: «Sooner or later, number 69 will be on your face.» This quote went on Twitter, where she added the word Nice.

69 nice meme

The trend is to write a Nice response to the mention of the number 69 have survived to the present day. For example, in maen 2016 US President Barack Obama has published the results of the elections to the Supreme Court. 69% of voters voted for the candidate Merrick garland. The Internet immediately responded to the review with the word Nice.

69 nice meme

69 nice meme

In February 2019 Donald trump wrote a tweet with the number 69 and he commented on it with the word Nice. The post became viral, and more and more people learned how to respond in such cases.

69 nice meme

In Runet this practice is rarely used. But in July and August 2019 on the wave of memes about the number 69 began to appear adapted memes. Only instead of nice we write «Class».

The value

Memes with the number 69 and the word Nice to illustrate the different situations or the fake dialogues in which someone says 69, not referring to anything related to sex. In response he wrote «Class» is the signal for those in the subject. Sometimes it is confused with a third-party readers or the author himself, who do not know the meaning of «sexual» number.»


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Author: AlenaSexi