Finn Wolfhard shows FAK

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In the English-speaking segment of the Internet is gaining popularity of the meme, where the actor Finn Wolfhard shows factor. He is known for the role of Mike in the TV series “a Very strange case.” Character meets a girl named Eleven. Photos with the facts to sign the phrase Fuck 12, which in slang means “fuck the police”.

Финн Вулфард показывает фак

Oh my God, Mike, stop it. I shall complain to Mr. Wheeler

What the hell. What the hell really

This is totally photoshopped. Mike (from “Very strange things”) would never do

Финн Вулфард показывает фак

You got one bitch? Bitch, I have 11

Финн Вулфард показывает фак

Fuck the police, I’m fucking Eleven

Финн Вулфард показывает фак

Yes, I’m Dating an Eleven. but fucking 12

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Author: AlenaSexi