Drunk woody Harrelson at Wimbledon became the star of Twitter

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Woody Harrelson showed up drunk to a match at Wimbledon, attracted attention of thousands of spectators. First he was caught by a TV camera, and then someone posted a recording of the broadcast on Twitter. The result — millions of views and a new meme.

13 Jul Twitter user @TylerRuinsTV started videotrec about drunken Harrelson. It all started with a video in which the actor tried to go to bed with a glass of wine. Having received the refusal from the guard, and his father was very upset and almost fell on the stairs. The video has received almost 5 million views and over 180 thousand likes.

To take its place, Harrelson had to disguise. In the second video, the actor in the hat and all with the same glass of wine successfully passed the security guard.

In the following video Harrelson so worried about the players that he had was dry lips. And maybe, just Vino is over.

The thread became viral and its Creator even changed her name on Twitter. Now his nickname is: «the Number one woody Harrelson — a documentary report from Wimbledon». And users slowly began to make memes from funny videos.

Yes, sex is good. But have you ever looked at the double champion of Wimbledon under Ayahuasca?

On this publication ended. Then came at least memetichnaya video in which the poor fellow woody fell into a stupor. Whether from what they saw on the field, or thinking again about alcohol.

And even slams actor blankly.

The first video in the thread was so epic that it was impossible not to add to it the theme of the sitcom «Curb your enthusiasm».

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Author: AlenaSexi