Alexey Babin

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Alexey Babin — instagram-blogger, famous for his positive video and the word «precalcino».

Who is Alexey Babin?

For the first time about Aleksey Babina started talking in may 2018. Then one of his videos from instagram became viral. About the blogger wrote a number of media. According to their information, Babin works as an assistant Manager of one of Russian companies.

Babin, 32 years old, lives in Moscow. And the city he loves: this has been repeated in his videos. Now on his channel signed by 95 thousand people.

Instagram account Babin started back in 2012, but for a long time it was not something remarkable. Babin has published regular photos, occasionally memes and pictures from the Internet. The real fame came to him in 2018, when the man began recording themselves on video.

The first movie was a video in which Babin riding a Bicycle in Vernadsky Prospekt.

The video was published may 5 and all the time gained almost 150 thousand views. Since then, Babin began to upload these kind of videos. And his account became viral.

Why does everyone love Alexey Babin and what «precalcino»

The blog of Alexey Babin called «World positive». And this name is fully justified. Each video is a short dose of happiness, which the blogger shares with all the others. He is always smiling, he’s always in a good mood. Babina delight the most ordinary things: a new hairstyle, good weather, music in the headphones and so on.

It is for this attitude Babin fell in subscribers. His way of speaking interested people. In December 2018 Babin has even been a guest on «Ospitaliera Howe» with Garik Kharlamov and Timur by Batrutdinova.

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The guest spoke in detail about himself (he’s not married) and why he is always happy. Babin considers himself the most positive person on earth.

By the way, Sochi is often compared to the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov. Not counting the mustache, they’re really similar.

Алексей Бабин прикалдесный

At some point, Babin began to use in their video, the word «precalcino». As you might guess, it is derived from the word «cool.» Perhaps this neologism existed before, but thanks to the red-haired blogger it became a meme. Now thousands of people in social networks say so when it comes to something positive and fun.

Алексей Бабин прикалдесный

Алексей Бабин прикалдесный

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Author: AlenaSexi