Time traveler

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The time traveller (Time traveller) — meme, which played a dialogue with the time traveler, who reveals a terrible spoiler from the future.


Individual memes of this type existed long ago. But only in July 2019, the format gained popularity.

Starting from July 9 on Reddit began to appear memes, which played out in dialogue with the time traveler. Usually it was the man from the future that told of a terrible historical events. Also common memes about the new movies and computer games of the future.

Time traveler meme

The value

Memes about the time traveler beat possible historical spoilers from the future. For example, about a third world war, or the eighth part of «Shrek.» Spoiler can tell how the time traveler (if he’s from the future) and his companion (if a traveler from the past).


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Author: AlenaSexi