Nas X Lil gay. The rapper made coming out

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American rapper Lil Nas X, known for the track Old Town Road made coming out. In his Twitter he confessed (not plain text), which refers to sexual minorities.

That Nas X Lil gay, you might guess, after listening to the track c7osure. June 30, the rapper asked his fans to listen to this song.

Some of you already know, some of you anyway, some will then turn away from me. But before the end of this month, I want you to listen close track C7osure.Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X гей

A reference to the end of the month is not accidental. In the United States in June is Pride Month — a rally in support of sexual minorities. So Lil Nas X decided until later to announce their orientation.

Here are the lines from the songs contain a hint of homosexuality, the rapper.

No more pretending, man, weather like this that I just have to afford to grow enough of the red light, baby, just green. I have to go pack my past in a backpack, and come what may, this is what I will do and will not regret it in old age.

In confirmation of his words, he published a new tweet. In him — album cover 7. Close — cropped shot of one of the buildings in the colors of the LGBT flag.

Assholes. I thought I put it as clear as possible.Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X гей

Many fans supported the artist. Twitter publish memes, making fun of those who changed their attitude towards him after coming out.

Lil Nas x gay

Lil Nas x gay

Lil Nas x gay

Lil Nas x gay

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