Monoptic of the ordinary. Video sheep-gorilla went viral on the Internet

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In social networks sawiroebis video from black sheep, which builds muscular wings on the asphalt. Just like a gorilla.

The roller 22 Jun posted Twitter user @LlamaInaTux. The post gained almost 12 thousand retweets and 63 thousand likes. But the video itself has spread on other social networks and Reddit.

Therapist: You don’t have to be afraid of crow-gorilla. Crows-gorilla does not exist.

I look out the window:

In Riblah to videos other users have to send their Association. There were identical arts and photoshopped pics.

gorilla crow

gorilla crow

gorilla crow

It is possible that the hybrid will become a new meme.

ворона горилла

Video also posted on Reddit and peek-a-Boo. Users of the site have dubbed the creature monoprice. And one of reddition found a similar frame to another bird.

Мощноптиц обыкновенный. Видео с вороной-гориллой стало вирусным в интернете

Raven’s charm even attracted the attention of professional ornithologist. Specialist Kylie swift tweeted in detail describe the phenomenon.

According to her, the video captured a crow. This species has a large beak that gives the bird a disproportionate size.

This bird has not lost his legs and is not based purely on the wings, because it’s just physically impossible. Crow with no legs would not be able to survive, because she would be unable to fly. Footless crow is a dead crow.Kylie Swift

She also explained why she seems to have no crows feet. When the bird basks in the sun, she tucks tail and lowers the wings.

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Author: AlenaSexi