Sad Cartoons

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Sad Cartoons (cartoons Sad) — a series of video remixes in which the footage from the popular animated series superimposed on depressing music and treated with vintage effects.


In the beginning of 2018 instagram appeared public video remixes of famous cartoons. Basis sad episodes, they imposed the same sad depressing music (mostly emo-rap). And all this processed with vintage filters.

The beginning of this trend put memes Simpsonwave. In 2015, youtubers began to mix excerpts from «the Simpsons» with music in the style of Vaporwave. This electronic genre, which is characterized by slow, retro-aesthetics, and depression.

It is obvious that the same heroes over time tired. Therefore began to appear in commercials with other cartoons. And the music changed to more modern.

A boom in the genre of Sad Cartoons occurred in mid-2018. By the time instagram, there were dozens of accounts with remixes. Here are the most popular:


Favorite cartoons: «the Simpsons», «Horse Bo Jack», «spongebob».


Favorite cartoons: «the Simpsons» «adventure Time», «the rugrats».


Favorite cartoons: Regular show, «the Simpsons» «adventure Time», «Rick and Morty».


Favorite cartoons: Regular show, «Rick and Morty», «the Simpsons», «Duck tales».

In 2019, the trend only increased. The public continue to make new remixes. And they more and more sound of modern rap. For example, sad tracks Lil Uzi Vert and XXXTentacion.


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Author: AlenaSexi