Still worthy

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Still worthy (I’m still worthy) meme with the scene from the movie «Avengers Finale», where Thor calls for his hammer and is glad that it is still worthy to keep him.


The movie «the Avengers: Finale», was released worldwide on 24 April 2019. Cash collections of paintings exceeded $ 2.5 billion. Almost immediately after the premiere, the network began to appear memes with clips from the film. For example, about the same Torah, in connection with his unheroic appearance.

14 may 2019 on Reddit and other Western sites began to appear new memes about Thor. This time took the episode in Asgard. After meeting with the mother of Thor calls for his hammer Mjollnir. He returns, and it pleases superhero. He says I’m still worthy («I’m still worthy»).

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This phrase was the key. Users began to think of various situations in which people like Torah going back to something old, and it still serves them.

Still Worthy Thor meme

When you come to visit a friend after many years and connect to its Wi-Fi

*Still worthy

Since 16 may memes about Thor and the hammer began to appear in Russian social networks. Their own versions of the meme have spread such pages as «Eaglet», ZS, MDK and others.

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Meme about Thor and his hammer demonstrates a situation in which people come back to old beloved, and realize that it is still unable to do it. For example, to play 10 years later in GTA San Andreas and remember all the cheats.


Все еще достоин - мем с Тором


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