Grumpy Cat died, the saddest cat in the world

Died Grumpy Cat, cat meme, known throughout the world. The cause of death was the infection of the urethra. The cat died at the hands of his beloved mistress, she was seven years old.

A cat named Tardar Sauce, known throughout the world as Grumpy Cat, died may 14. The cause of death was the infection of the urethra. On the death of Angry cats announced on her official page in instagram. Tartar sauce died at the age of seven at the hands of his mistress TABATA.

Grumpy Cat from Arizona became a meme in 2012 after her photo was posted on Reddit by the brother of the hostess. The cat became popular and allowed her mistress to throw a waitress: according to press reports, by 2014, the Tartar Sauce has earned $ 100 million. A Harsh mistress the cat has successfully sued for copyright infringement when you use a meme of Grumpy Cat.

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Author: AlenaSexi

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