The public “and” ceased to exist because of government pressure

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Public “and” in “Vkontakte” ceased to exist. Its Creator, known under the pseudonym Kira Seagull, deleted all content in the community because of pressure from the authorities. He also had to remove his own page in the social network.

To close the public and the personal page of Kira forced the police of the Republic of Belarus, where he resides. About it to “Mamapedia” said the colleague Gulls Vanya Musicin. Information was confirmed by user Alexander Cato, who personally know the admin “a”.

паблик а

кира чайка

According to some reports, it all started with a comment on the public “Lentech”, which drew the attention of Russian security services. What kind of review it was is unknown, but the police got in touch with their Belarusian colleagues and asked them to take measures against the author. Minsk police forced the Gull to suspend all activities in “Vkontakte” in exchange for personal freedom.

The public “and” has a wide popularity among fans postoronnih memes. He recently crossed the threshold of 400 thousand subscribers. Within the community there are such memes as “the Sorcerer”, “Hey your mother is a whore” and other force.

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Author: AlenaSexi