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Wherever you go, everywhere I see it (Everywhere I go I see his face) meme with the actor Tom Holland in the role of spider-Man from the trailer of the film «spider-Man: Away from home». The spider looks at graffiti Iron man and grieving for him, but his image is replaced by anything.


On may 6, 2019, Sony Pictures has released the official trailer of the movie «spider-Man: Away from home». At 13 seconds into the trailer the main character, looking at the graffiti with a picture of Iron man (aka Tony stark) says: «Wherever you go, everywhere you see it. I miss him» ( in the original, «Everywhere I go, I see his face. I just really miss him»).

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Already on the day of release on instagram and Reddit began to appear parodies on this episode of the trailer. The image of Tony stark was replaced by other frames, rollers, etc. One of the first was a video in instagram account @whereisagam. It also laid out a template with a green screen in place, allowing all who wish to do their videomem.

On may 6, a Reddit user made from the episode «Wherever you go, everywhere you see his» three pane meme-picture. The format was quickly picked up by other users, he went on Reddit and social networks.

Куда ни пойду везде вижу его

The value

In the film «the Avengers: the Final» Iron man sacrifices himself to save the universe from Thanos. Spider-man is very sad because of this because it was close to Tony. This is shown in the trailer for the new movie «spider-Man: universes». The meme most often people just put them in the place of Iron man with any other personality, the appearance of which may create a comic effect.

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Куда ни пойду везде вижу его

Куда ни пойду везде вижу его


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