Ukrainian Rap Singer MS Anyuta «Lit up» Her Bare Charms In the Network: Another Hacking — Video

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Картинки по запросу MC Анюта

Хакеры «слили» в Сеть порнографические фотографии и видео прославленной украинской рэперши.

Ukrainian rap singer MS Anyuta «lit up» their bare charms on the Network: another hacking video.
In the network appeared an intimate video Ukrainian reparse
In the Internet appeared the video with the Ukrainian rap star MC Annie. The footage of this video is intimate. They star appears in a black dress in front of the webcam, and later exposed.
Users began to vigorously discuss the published video. Someone condemns Anna Morozova (real name), someone supports.
The very same heroine of the video did not deny it and said that no one should care what she does.
«The kid who leaked it, where are you?», — Anya wrote on her Twitter account, referring to the person who uploaded the video to the network.
«It would be necessary to release the album, probably in connection with the wave of HYIP», — says Anna.

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