Men Boxing

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Men Boxing — meme ASCII characters, which stand opposite each other in Boxing gloves. Used as an illustration of conflict and confrontation.


Twitter user @smilesrenjun 6 April 2019 posted two Boxing men from ASCII characters. A tweet written in Portuguese, it as Champions the exposed K-pop singers Renjun and Haechan.

Человечки боксируют

First, the format existed in Portuguese – and Spanish-speaking segment of Twitter. 14 APR 2019 ASCII picture, where the men are Boxing, migrated to the English-speaking segment.

Человечки боксируют

“I want to kill myself”

By the end of April, the format became viral in the English-speaking Twitter and became a meme. In early may, he began to actively distribute Russian-speaking users.

Человечки боксируют

The value

Meme, where the men fight, shows a variety of confrontation. It can be conflicts between two people or organizations. Or the struggle of man with himself, his destructive desires and habits.

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Author: AlenaSexi