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Revelations J. K. Rowling about the universe of “Harry Potter” series of memes about the writer Joan Rowling that many years after the completion of a series of novels about “Harry Potter” continues to publish “sensational” revelations about his characters. Netizens ridiculed Joan for trying to attract attention, jokes about Rowling evolved into a separate MEM-format is”Absolutely no”.


In 1997 he published the novel “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”, which gave rise to a series of books about the boy wizard. Only JK Rowling has released seven novels, the latest of them — “Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows” was released in 2007.

Also Joan has written three books mentioned in the novels: “Tales of Beedle the bard”, “Quidditch from ancient times to our days” and “Fantastic beasts and their habitats”. In 2016 in London staged “Harry Potter and the cursed child”, the play was published in book form. Rowling became one of the coauthors of the story occurring after the events of the main series of novels.

From 2001 to 2011 was released eight movies about Harry Potter. In 2016 appeared on the screens of the spin-off “Fantastic beasts”, which the writer is Joanne Rowling. In 2011, the writer established the website Pottermore, which publishes additional material on his literary and kynoselen.

Rowling also actively engaged in Twitter, where answers questions about his characters and tells the details, which are not included in books and movies. At first, the fans took Pottermore with interest, but the more I become “revelation” by JK Rowling, the more jokes on the subject appeared in the network.

In the fall of 2018 in relation to Joan began to use the meme format “Absolutely no one”, making fun of people, striving by all means to attract attention. Jokes about revelations J. K. Rowling has become even greater after 4 January 2019 at the official Twitter Pottermore announcedthat the wizards haven’t used the toilets.

Откровения Джоан Роулинг

“Absolutely no one:

John. K. Rowling:

Hogwarts has not always been toilets. Before the eighteenth century to adopt the plumbing system of Muggles, witches and wizards simply facilitated where they stood, and then magically destroyed the evidence”

In March of 2019, the movie “Fantastic beasts: the crimes of the Grindelwald” was released on DVD. The edition includes additional materials, including interviews with the filmmakers. Writer JK Rowling has told about a passionate sexual relationship between Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald by.

It was a very passionate love relationship. But, as in any relationship, homosexual or heterosexual, no one can know what really feels different man. Impossible to know, one can only think that I know. So I’m not so interested in the sexual side of their relationship – and she is, like the emotions that they feel towards each other. It is, in the end, the most fascinating in human relationsJK Rowling

Откровения Джоан Роулинг

About homosexuality of these characters Joan announced in October 2007, netizens have accused Joan in the desire to attract attention by any means, including exploitation of the topic of homosexuality.

Откровения Джоан Роулинг

As a result, the network began to invent new revelations, Rowling parodying “sensatsionnye” the statements of the writer.

The value

To ridicule the revelation of JK Rowling’s universe of “Harry Potter” began almost immediately after the appearance of the website Pottermore. But in 2018 — 2019, this trend is intensified because the writer began to do more and more sensational statements. Many fans believe that they didn’t need to know such details. Individual portions of the jokes deserve an active attempt by Rowling to go on the subject of homosexuality.

As a result, users network parody statement Rowling and think about the characters a maximum of absurd details. Often jokes is the topic of sexual preferences. Often the format is “Absolutely no”.

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