The magic circle

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Magic circle (a circle for a call, the spiritualist circle, Summoning circle) — MEM composed of Emoji magic circle (ImagePath), which is used to illustrate the desired things or phenomena.


Magic circle (a Summoning circle) is used in ritualistic magic to ward off the spirits or demons during their call. A circle can be drawn with chalk or made up of candles, depending on the direction of magic. The one who calls the spirit must sit in the center of the circle and then encourage him won’t hurt.

In February 2019, Twitter users have started to make such circles of Emoji in the form of candles. It all started with the post of user Mashihology, which has concluded inside the circle the word Magnum.

Summoning circle

By signing the tweet with the phrase «the Magic circle. I hope this works,» he thus jokingly decided to «encourage» their idols — kapap band Magnum.

Users began to copy the design and make inside the circle your desired things or phenomena.

The value

Meme with a magic circle in an ironic vein reflects the desired things or phenomena of the person who uses it. For example, it is possible to tell about the lack of money. And the last hope of the student on successful examination remains the magic.


Summoning circle twitter


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Author: AlenaSexi