Uno Reverse Card

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Uno Reverse Card (the Card is “Reverse”) is a series of memes with the map “Reverse” of the Board game “UNO.” This card changes the direction of a ring in the opposite direction. The MEM card is used in difficult situations to stop and reverse the problem in the direction of the enemy.


First memes with cards from the game “UNO” appeared in 2015 in the West. It is unknown when and who invented them. But the first known reference to the meme occurred on 8 October 2015 on the website 9GAG. It was a picture to create fake correspondence. A user has suggested the girl to exchange naked photos. And when the girl sent his, he showed her the card “Reverse”.

Uno reverse meme

Uno is a popular Board game. Each player is dealt the card, the goal is first to get rid of your deck. Apart from the usual cards with the digits from 0 to 9 in the game there are special cards: “Skip turn”, “Take two,” “Book color” and “Reverse”. The latter became a meme.

Despite the fact that the first meme maps “UNO” appeared in 2015, the popular this format was only in 2018. In September, Reddit has published a picture of a map of “Reverse” that reverses a stream of water in the opposite direction. The image became viral and before the end of the year spread through social networks, including Russian. Parallel to this there are new memes with the cards, when the “Reverse”.

Uno reverse meme

The most popular format with cards became in 2019. In early February, in “Vkontakte” appeared several thematic public. One of them for a month managed to collect almost 100 thousand subscribers, indicating that demand for the format.

The value

Meme map “Reverse” — ironic the format in which this card magically makes a person in a difficult or unpleasant situation. If you show this card to the one who creates you a problem, the problem will come back to him.

Some of the established principle, no card can appear in the conversation or become part of another meme.

In addition, common memes and other cards UNO. For example, a map “book a colour and get four” is used in situations where something is missing. Showing this card, you can throw 4 years of a minor girl or to turn one bottle of beer in four.


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Author: AlenaSexi