What If You Wanted to Go To Heaven

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What If You Wanted to Go To Heaven (if you wanted to go to heaven) — a four-panel meme with the guy asking the question «What if you wanted to go to Heaven but God said ‘Nahhh, remember when you kept scrolling?'» («What if you want to go to heaven, but God says ‘Nah, I forgot you continued flipping?'»).

The text refers to the messages that appear in the feeds of social networks, and trying to «lure» people likes a hint that such action will increase the chances to go after death in heaven. And ignoring, respectively, only increases the likelihood, not be who liked their post will go to hell.


The earliest known version of this phrase was posted on Reddit January 5, 2016.

What If You Wanted to Go To Heaven

If you’re going to heaven…

But God will say Nah bro…

You remember you kept flipping

Like, comment, repost

However, in subsequent versions will be used this template with an adult kid.

What If You Wanted to Go To Heaven

If you

Wants to go to heaven

But God will tell

Nah, remember when you kept flipping

The photo was posted on instagram April 29, 2017, a user under the name damnyworsnop.

After that, the meme began to spread on Reddit in different forms. Usually it was the same four-panel «monologue» with an outcome in the form of set of phrases of other people, and sometimes the picture itself is clean filters and processing, as is common in the environment of abstract memes.

The value

The meaning of meme is to make fun of the naivete of such posts on social networks that practically guarantee endless enjoyment in the form of Paradise after death. Enough to like, comment and share with your friends and it will be counted in heaven.

Of course, the audience is able to share such content does not take seriously this message. But once it’s there, and even more so, if at this in this form decided to laugh — so it’s in progress.

Meme ironically not only over such posts, but also over their content, giving the phrase any of the characters or the whole quote/reference for the word of God.

Meme also some develops the theme of human imperfection, because sometimes for the «entrance to Paradise» will be something not to miss: if not likes on Facebook (as the initial versions), the skill of eloquence, for example.


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Author: AlenaSexi