Metronome rolls

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Rolls metronome (the Metronome is broken) — double meme with metronome, showing doubt man or a sharp change of mood or state. The first panel shows the points between which ranges of people, and the second is the metronome, the needle is tossing from side to side at breakneck speed.


25 Oct 2018 Reddit user thork uploaded in category r/me_irl meme with a metronome, showing how the subscribers of the subreddit oscillate between love and hatred of strange porn.

Метроном мем

On the same day with r/me_irl to the site perezalil meme with the metronome, which is shown as the mother is between «get over yourself, you live here too» and «my house — my rules».

Метроном мем

4 November 2018 on Reddit meme showed how the dogs of the Chihuahua breed oscillate between anger and fear.

Метроном мем

In January 2019 meme with a metronome has received a truly massive distribution. January 26, he again began to post on Reddit.

Метроном мем

«To be a genius to be an idiot/Joseph Jostar»

Meme with a metronome quickly picked up on Twitter and «Vkontakte». One of the first Russian version of the meme was this picture in the public «Eaglet» on January 27.

Метроном мем

The value

Metronome — a device which counts the rhythm, which is used by musicians. But as a meme it fulfills rather a role of a pendulum. The arrow shows how the man oscillating between two actions, concepts, or solutions. Flying arrow also shows how quickly and dramatically it can change its mood and condition.




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Author: AlenaSexi