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Babushka — this English four-panel meme based on the forms picture a grandmother in a headscarf, winking at the camera.

Essentially a foreign version of the meme with the grandmother reminds of the meme with Drake in the orange jacket. Ined both characters first from something to refuse, and then with a kind expression make a choice in favor of some other option.


8 Jan 2010 the user of the website under the name VladEva published a post called «Chechen-town — island of friendship» in which they talked about the life of Kazakh village. Among the photos of local residents and was seen the same picture winking Granny in a headscarf, which showed the index finger at the camera.


This picture became quite famous in Runet, including in the form of a meme macro. But just as foreign an idea about a typical Eastern European pensioners this photo began to be used in 2017.

27 February 2017, this image was used in a four-panel meme, similar in purpose to meme with Drake in the orange jacket. The picture shows a disgruntled elderly woman in a headscarf, near which in the next panel placed Coca-Cola. Bottom left was placed the image of that same winking grandmother smiling at the sight of the pitcher of juice, placed on the next panel to the right.

Babushka - Grandma knows what's good

The original was posted on the Polish site JoeMonster. Some time later, this picture got on 9GAG.

Later in the same year, namely, December 6, Facebook-page KomopotIsLife shared another version of this meme. This time Granny sighs with displeasure at the sight of a flat TV. But the scenes below smiling grandmother approves an older model TV with a knitted cloth that covers the screen.

Babushka - Television

The value

This meme is built in meaning no/Yes, in which the character first complaint, which is placed near it. But in the block below in the form of something more attractive, he smiles widely and nods in the direction of this thing.

Thus, users open the image and habits of a typical Eastern European grandmother, who, for example, does not like «these are your Coca-Cola», preferring natural fruit compote. Or is cryptocurrency uses the old fashioned option of cash under the mattress. And don’t forget about the remote control in the cellophane!


Babushka - Шаблон


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Author: AlenaSexi