Straight line, dotted line, stories

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Straight line, dotted line, stories meme mocking fans to post stories and lots of pictures and videos on the preview merge into a line of dots. This habit infuriates other users who do not want to so much content.


23 December 2018 wearer Twitter @Pizza_for_OneDi posted a postmocking the instagram-stories of Olga Buzova. She compared the abundance of content in stories singer with a straight and dotted line.

Прямая линия, пунктирная линия, сториз

Have in mind that when loaded into stories many photos and video, they are displayed as a line of dots. Instagram Buzova for example:Прямая линия, пунктирная линия, сториз

Other netizens also faced with an abundance of content in stories, so I developed the format of “Straight line, dotted line, stories” to a full-fledged meme. At the end of December 2018 it has spread on Twitter and Facebook.

The value

Meme “Straight line, dotted line, stories” makes fun of people who like to upload large number of photos and video in stories on instagram or other social networks. Usually it’s just a million selfies from different angles or other very similar photos. Other users is pretty annoying, especially as stories of one user not scroll, can only move to the next.


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Author: AlenaSexi