Memes about Artem

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Memes about Artem — jokes and memes which ridiculed people with the name Artem.


It is not known when and why the Internet began to joke about Artem. The roots of these memes go in 2013 when peek-a-Boo and other entertainment sites were about the history of this name. Mostly users joked that Artemov does not happen children. Because so few people with the middle name Artemovich.

In 2014 a Google search for “Artem” gave out a lot of pictures of adviso with the name Artem. And on sites with jokes and funny poems is a section “Jokes about Artem”.

According to the statistics of Google Trends, memes about Artemov pop up about once every six months, starting from 2014.

Мемы про Артема

In 2017 in “Vkontakte” went the trend to abstract memes. Began to appear a lot similar type of public “Memes about Stas”, “Memes about Ignat”. Even in large groups have surfaced to force a meme with some name.

In March 2018 had a community “the Best memes about Artem”, which is active to this day.

At the end of 2018, the top was once again Artem. Memes with the same name was published, Orlenok, FTP, and a number of postioning public.

The value

Rather, specific events and Artem, that was the reason for the emergence of the meme, it never was. The “Vkontakte” users, especially students, like to play a trick on your classmates. Probably someone made the first meme about a specific Artyom, and then this meme became a household word.

The meaning of such memes too little. Basically they make fun of those who wear the name of Artem. Just like that, without reason. But the pictures Artemov usually not put in the best light, compare them with gays, criminals and humiliate.


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Author: AlenaSexi