In Moscow has appeared new year graffiti Zabivali

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Wolf Zabijaka, which was the official symbol of the world championship on football of 2018, has again become the subject of satirical graffiti on the station. “Rostokino”. Now it flaunts a new year’s Zalivka.

About the new graffiti on the old site said telegram channel Mash. Zalivka with a glass of champagne, a red tie, black suit and a ski mask staring at us from the TV screen. In the background he the tree and the Kremlin.


Before the NG anonymous critics have decided again to please: Zalivako, glass of champagne, everything in its place. All matches are randomMash

 Забивака Заливака граффити

In the summer during the world Cup at the station Rostokino appeared two satirical graffiti, drawn in the same style. The first fat wolf Tableware with a cigarette sick. After utility workers painted over the work, in its place, a new — Seebach, which negatively reacted to the news of the rise in VAT to 20%.

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Author: AlenaSexi