Main memes 2018: top 30

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The difficult thing — to choose the main memes of the year. We relied on the results of the survey in our public “Vkontakte”, data search systems Google and Yandex, the number of views of articles on “Mamapedia” and subjective sensations of ourselves, the people who work with the meme every day. So, the 30 best memes of the year by the “Mamapedia”.

How about this, Elon Musk?

Elon Musk became a popular culture incarnation of the inventor and innovator. It is addressed to meme, in which people brag about their stupid homemade lifehacks in the spirit of “Skillful hands”. Meme “How do you like that, Elon Musk?” even went to a Western audience of social networks, which can not but rejoice. After Russian memes — it’s fun, and it’s great that every year more and more appreciated in other countries.

мемы года

Mouse (kradetsya)

Meme “Mouse (kradetsya)” — the king of abstract memes this year. None of the memes in this style have not received such a furious spread and not kept a trend for so long. Abstract memes made some noise last year, came from the underground and become quite massive. This year the trend has slightly declined, but still without the distorted words, pictures and other postpostmodern of the joys of the world of memes is here.

мемы года

Ricardo Milos

Who would have thought that among the main memes of the year in Russia will be muscular porn star, dancing in a red bandana and a Thong with a flag of the United States. However, in Runet difficult to find someone who hasn’t seen at least one shot from Ricardo Milos or musical mix with his dance.

Ugandan Knuckles

Uporotyh red echidna, who suddenly got an African accent, became the main opening of the start of 2018. A couple of months meme hurricane raced for all countries and just as quickly burned out. Hardly it is connected with the accusations of racism just every year memes live less and less.

мемы года

However, Nklz left behind a whole community that still preaches the “true path” and “looking for the Queen.” And at the end of this year, the community came out of the shadows, saying that he is going to resurrect the legendary meme.

The gauntlet of infinity

From the point of view of popularity in the network, the main movie of the year were “the Avengers: infinity war”. The glove of Thanos, which he scattered in the wind half the people in the universe, gave us memes with disintegration. Pemodelan had to practice with photoshop to achieve the desired effect. But it was worth it, because now you can cool to make fun of all that disappears in our lives.

мемы года

A thug

Zubenko Mikhail Petrovich, better known as a Thug, was supposed to be a classic meme. And to fill up a Pantheon of characters, open the max +100500 (such as Natalia Marines, Nikita Litvinov, Cook, etc.). But in 2018 of a man in a pink suit said the students and, of course, made him an abstract meme.

мемы года

Blurry distorted images, comparing with other “pink” characters, the font is lobster — don’t look in the Thug sense, this meme is good just because it is.

Color mood blue

This year Philip has proved that the artists of the old school can find a new flow and to conquer a younger audience. Clip Color”blue mood”, where Kirkorov instead of feathers and rhinestones try on the image of the rapper FEIS, became one of the main memes of the year.

мемы года

But the man did not stop, and released a “Color mood black” Egor Creed and the scandalous clip “Ibiza” with Nikolai Baskov, who had to apologize. Apparently, to stop Philip is not going in the new year we should expect more surprises from the “king of pop”.

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The son of my mother’s friends

Almost everyone in my childhood was hearing from moms that some other boy (or girl) around is better: a good student, involved in music or sports, cleans up after themselves without reminders. The son of my mother’s friends became the embodiment of Superman, which always and everywhere will be better than you. So you can even try to achieve something, and just relax and enjoy life.

мемы года

Gigi steps

Large companies and brands every year more and work better with social networks and trends and be able to start bright and potentially viral pieces. An example of this is the advertising campaign of “Beeline” with Alexander Revva. Particularly successful was the movie “Gigi steps”, which quickly turned into a meme for a long time and entertained thousands of people.

мемы года

Is that pigeon?

Can you not love anime and will never watch, but certain moments still get to everyone through Internet memes. This year, network users around the world conquered the Android Yutaro Katori, which shows a butterfly and asks: “Is the dove?”

This meme helped people show a sincere misunderstanding or a desire to wishful thinking and has taken a worthy place among the memes of the year.

мемы года

Elon Musk with pot

Elon Musk is this year, obviously got out of the way of the perfect Superman: arguing with employees and shareholders, “Tesla”, Thai divers. But the advent of the ether podcast with pot was the icing on the cake. This Mask was not expecting anyone. And the expression Ilona at this point, it was frankly funny. Not surprisingly, the meme instantly gained popularity and became this year one of the most notable.

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Surprised Pikachu

The animated series “Pokemon”, which is taken from the frame with a surprised Pikachu, was first published in 1997. But the world is still not cooled to the Japanese pocket monsters. And the mass popularity of this meme around the world proves it. Next year we are waiting for the movie “Detective Pikachu” and it is possible that we are waiting for new Pikachu memes.

мемы года

Digital resistance

The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov this year fought. and won. “Blocked” messenger continues to work, and the Russians together mastered a proxy and a VPN. The actor urged Russians to digital resistance and even drew the logo Digital resistance — a dog in a mask. The symbol has gone viral, all over the country flew paper airplanes in support of the Telegram and in the end, Digital resistance has become one of the most notable phenomena of this year.

мемы года

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Oldy here?

Nothing unites people like a nostalgia for something old and tube. Whatever novelties we promised technological progress, we will always go back to the past, to remember your favorite music childhood, pining for kanuvshim in the Summer gadgets. All this illustrates perfectly the meme “Oldy here?”, which became a kind of call to unite all aldow, that is, users who had shared memories.

мемы года

Chi huh?!

Speech memes was the main trend of the outgoing year. But not all of them logical. So was the phrase “Chi huh?!”, invented by blogger Edward Bil. In his commercials he bykuet at passers-by in the image of the mugger, repeating the same “Yes Chi?!”

мемы года

Like so much from YouTube, meme spilled over into other social networks. Since September, this expression can be found in the comments of almost every community in “Vkontakte”. The values of the meme, of course not. We call such phenomena meme-spam — thousands of repetitive words publish under the posts just for the sake of trolling or Forsa. However, the secret of his creation revealed himself Edward — he said that was actually said in the video “are You right?”

I’m a fag

The picture with the lion Alex from “Madagascar” and the words “I’m a fag”is, of course, not about homosexuality. Or about it, but with the big share of irony. Author meme invented it for the sake of experiment — to show what a meme can do anything.

мемы года

And he did force went far beyond the “Vkontakte”. And is this not a hint that the development of memology at some point took a wrong turn?

Cried half of the bus

Another amazing abstract meme this year is clearly about a girl who asked God to shut down the war and forced to cry half of the bus. Once mocked the old demotivator network users. Girl photoshop, changed the text, divided the bus in half using photoshop. “VKontakte” there was even a mask, making your face crying half of the bus.

мемы года


Who as a child loved to listen to horror stories, even if it’s delusional? It is not surprising that the Internet became a popular legend of Momo, which supposedly can know everything about you, if you write her in WhatsApp. Especially the character meme too, looks very scary.

мемы года

The moth and the lamp

Nothing can stand in the way of a butterfly or moth when the insect decided to get to the source of light. Many people lack this sense of purpose, and a mole with a lamp became a popular meme. Besides, memes animals every year very much, but insects are much rarer, and that attracted the attention of wide public to this meme.

мемы года

Doc 2

The Internet does not forgive mistakes, fraud and stupidity. It proved the story of a meme “Doc 2”. On the radio “Vesti FM” broadcasted a program about the shooting in Kerch, in which “expert” told me that all the fault of computer games. The “specialist” didn’t even know how is called the game. To bully anyone is not released, but people laughed heartily.

мемы года

Akunna, bro!

Brazilian fan Tomer Savoia was the most prominent meme of world Cup which was held in the summer of 2018 in Russia. Sincerely shouting the phrase “Russia, aquana! Akunna, bro!”, he for a long time sunk into the hearts of the Russians.

мемы года

Tomer quickly realized their viral popularity and well she ordered. The Brazilian began to teach Russian language and even said that he wants to obtain Russian citizenship. During your stay in Russia, he managed to record the clip with reparse Sabi Miss and to speak Djigan. In winter, Tomer returned to us to celebrate New year in Russian.

Boy with a pipe

Boy with a pipe, which adheres to the girl on the street — the epitome of obsession. Every day, people have to deal with obsessive fans to chat, loud commercials on your favorite websites and spam in your Inbox. It is not surprising that many saw in this episode myself and made this meme really popular.

мемы года

For myself and for Sasha

The film “moving up” about the Soviet players at the Olympics in 1972 became the highest grossing in the history of cinema and caused a lot of controversy. Mostly due to the fact that the makers have distorted the biographical line of actual athletes. The film is also accused of excessive pathos. The quintessence of this was the meme “for myself and For Sasha”, who went on social media after a review BadComedian.

мемы года

I hope that next year, the Russian film industry will delight us with new films, which will not cause disputes, laughter, and charges in scenario failures.

It would seem, at what here Ukraine

Relations between Ukraine and Russia have been tense for five years, and relief is not expected. Russian propaganda continues to use the neighboring country to divert attention from domestic problems. It uses even the President, remember last year’s meme “you Want to have on Ukraine?”

мемы года

It is not surprising that users of social networks began to make fun of that. So there was the meme “it would Seem, and here Ukraine”, in which people see the Ukrainian trace in all combinations of blue and yellow. Meme is not new, but this year it became really popular and was one of the most noticeable.


Users of social networks are the kind of people that do not feed bread, but give to Express their dissatisfaction or protest. If not to start a riot. So the monkey with a club that says “Bund fucking”, many have sunk into the heart and filled “Vkontakte” for a few months. This is a good example of what the meme can run and promote a small group of friends. Provided, of course, that meme is good and will appeal to other people.

мемы года

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Stupid girls, I hate all of you

With a kind of sexist meme about “stupid girls” is actually not so bad. We must remember that we live in the era of postoronnii, so the meme should not be taken exclusively in a literal sense.

мемы года

The roots of “hate” towards the female sex goes to the other MEM — “Chan is not needed”. As we have repeatedly noted, everyone has a tendency to come back. And exaggerated jokes about the stupidity of girls in this year returned to us in the form of abstract images and comment spam.

Holy fuck, what’s happening?

The scenes with James McAvoy, who is holding his head, taken from the movie “Dirt”, which was released in 2013. Five years later mamny potential this episode saw the admins of a very popular Russian pages “Vkontakte”. So there was the meme “Fuck, what’s happening?”, which was this year especially popular in Twitter and Facebook. And this is not surprising, because the shock of what is happening around — a permanent state for the Russian people.

мемы года

Petrov and Bashirov

The story of the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury was very loud from the start. The British authorities were accused of poisoning Russian Prime Minister Theresa may said that the poison used was a “Newbie”. The name of the toxic substance became a meme.

But the second part of this play was much steeper. After the British published records from surveillance cameras and called the names of alleged poisoners, they supposedly do come to give an interview to RT. Conversation Petrova and Bashirova with the editor Margarita Simonyan was very ridiculous and very funny, two GRU-person tried to pass himself whether for business or for gays. Finishing off the clip from the Seeds Slepakova.

мемы года

It was later revealed that the real names of the hero — Chapiha and Mishkin. Direct evidence that they were poisoners, no. But the investigation is ongoing, and there is a feeling about Petrov and Bashirova we hear more.

Wow bitch with meaning

There are so many people who like to find meaning in a completely meaningless things. For example, in the texts of Russian rappers of the new school or the local drunk. For such people and invented the meme “Oh bitch with meaning”.

мемы года

Green Orc “world of Warcraft” here for a reason — his expression can be very useful to illustrate the pain of such smyslovskiy. Meme was developed in the form of a dozen new templates and similar phrases for all occasions: “there is Meaning in everything”, “I don’t care for your sense”, “Wow bitch found a way.”

Girls with chest sizes

Memes-comparison — one of the most popular formats at all times. This year particularly common meme with two girls with different breast size. But when his heroine was, it turned out that it is all about perspective and such a drastic size difference there is not in sight. So don’t get fooled by the picture.

мемы года

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