Tha wae is coming. Redditors want to resurrect the meme Ugandan Knuckles

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Reddit users are prepared to a total prank. They want to resurrect the meme Ugandan Knuckles, who was popular in the beginning of 2018, but died very quickly.

Everything should be done in early January 2019. The aim of the lottery — regulars branches /funny, which advanced memory despise, calling “norms”.

ugandan knuckles resurrecting

The first of January we should all post memes Ugandan Knuckles in r/funny to get them to believe that they are popular again

Immediately after the New year, thousands of users will begin to publish in this subreddit memes with high malicious to cause confusion among the other subscribers. Some have suggested to revive other forgotten memes, for example, Tide pods.

ugandan knuckles resurrecting

It all started with a few posts on December 16. Someone suggested the idea to revive the meme about Knuckles, others supported. Individual records scored 20 upvotes, so that the experiment could be carried out.

ugandan knuckles resurrecting

However, there are pitfalls. The rules of Reddit is prohibited, brigading, that is, the mass raids on the specific community. Participants involved in such activities, waiting for a lifetime ban.

ugandan knuckles resurrecting

Don’t fall into ecstasy, modernizing r/dankmemes already whispered in the ear of modders r/funny because they’re faggots and I hate such jokes. A big risk to get ban

However, the idea to resurrect the Knuckles only grow stronger. So don’t be surprised if after the holidays you go into the ribbon and will be in the past. Cluck-cluck.

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Author: AlenaSexi