Person of the year 2018

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Industry memes cannot exist without bright personalities, their public appearances, commercials, music videos and interviews. Musicians, videoblogger, athletes, politicians and inventors in 2018 scored all. Meet the main person of the year by the “Mamapedia”.

Elon Musk

The founder of Tesla and Space X this year were good in all senses. First of all, he attracted the attention of his professional achievements. Musk was happy as a child as the Falcon rocket launched into space the electric car “Tesla”, successfully sold the flamethrowers, has launched a high-speed tunnel under Los Angeles.

In the public mind Elon is the embodiment of the inventor and innovator. That is why it turned the meme about wacky inventions “As to you, Elon Musk?”, which became one of the most popular this year.

персоны года

Was mistakes: Musk came together and broke up with the singer Grimes, tweeted confidential information and was denied a seat on the Board of Directors of Tesla and insulted to save children from a cave in Thailand diver.

But, despite all the problems, Elon Musk remains the pet of the Internet and the living embodiment of the son of my mother’s friends. Entrepreneur writes about the love of anime and calls himself koshevichi, asked me to send him mamasa, deleted from Facebook and can calmly Smoking a joint in full view of cameras. In General, Elon always positive. For this and love.

персоны года


This year Philip has proved that the artists of the old school can find a new flow and to conquer a younger audience. Clip Color”blue mood”, where Kirkorov instead of feathers and rhinestones try on the image of the face of the rapper, has become one of the main video of the year.

персоны года

But the man did not stop, and released a “Color mood black” Egor Creed and the scandalous clip “Ibiza” with Nikolai Baskov, who had to apologize. Largely for the rejuvenation Kirkorov is a comedian and writer Alexander Gudkov and his team. But it is impossible not to note that Philip worked hard to get out of the stuffy image of the “king of pop”.

Artem Dzyuba

The football world Cup in Russia became one of the main events of the year. The national team unexpectedly reached the quarter-finals, and the players have become real national heroes. Especially notable was striker Artem Dzyuba, who after the departure of Igor Akinfeev from the national team became the captain.

Artem lit colleagues in their speeches, did not hesitate to cry after losing to Croatia, saluted coach Stanislav Cherchesov after each goal and the country learned the word “bamos” (from the Spanish “vamos” — forward).

персоны года

Also Artem is in interviews and public speeches: good jokes, not lost in front of an audience, not afraid to speak out on different topics, shows a broad Outlook. All this is done Artema a crowd favorite and one of the main personalities this year.

Igor Akinfeev

Another player, without which this rating is impossible, this is Igor Akinfeev. The captain and goalkeeper of the national team of Russia on football did the impossible when the leg is in flight reflected a penalty in the match with Spain and brought the team to the quarterfinals of the world Cup.

персоны года

After this leg Akinfeev became a national treasure, and the goalkeeper — one of the most popular Russian athletes. In October, he finished his career in the team, but continues to play for CSKA.

At the end of 2018 Akinfeev has set a record among Russian goalies. He played 300th career match with a zero score, but Igor still continues to play. To him the greatest number of “dry” matches were Rinat Dasaev — 265.

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Kanye West

Rapper Kanye West has long climbed on a wave of hype and good holding her. This year was no exception. Especially striking was the clip I Love It where Lil Pump and Kanye West dressed in a huge square suits. Of course, the calculation of Kanye worked — the clip instantly broke on memes, a nag of parody under the hashtag #ILoveItChallenge.

Also Kanye West this year has once again started to sit on Twitter and found a new friend — US President Donald trump. At first they just exchanged tweets, but in the end was found in the oval office of the White house. West showed Trump the concept of the plane on their phone, and this also became a meme.

Pavel Durov

This year the founder of the Telegram as a lion, fought with the Russian authorities over their offspring. And what is remarkable is the winner, because “blocked” messenger continues to work, and the Russians together mastered a proxy and a VPN.

Paul clearly acted on the principle “in war all means are good”. At first he was joking and sent to Roskomnadzor iron door keys to the requirement to provide encryption keys the Telegram. Then in the course went a photo on a horse, bare-chested and artistic ability Durova: he drew the dog in the mask , and called on all Russians to digital resistance.

персоны года

Across the country, flew paper airplanes, held several demonstrations for a free Internet drawn an infinite number of memes. Roskomnadzor still trying to find ways to block the Telegram, but we believe that Pavel Durov will win again.

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The Swede Felix Kjellberg (aka PewDiePie) this year, nearly lost his status as the most popular videoblogger on YouTube because of the channel T-series bollywood videos. But the Internet rallied around Pudiya and returned him to the palm — now he has 78 million subscribers and a competitor less than a million.

Despite this, blogger was not invited to the annual YouTube Rewind (which, in other, became the biggest flop in history).

персоны года

This year Felix became interested in the Russian Internet culture. He commented on Russian viral videos, meme popularized Cyka blyat and released a t-shirt with this inscription.

Nastya Ivleva

Very successful this year was for blogers and Nastya Ivlievu. She became a guest of “Evening Urgant”, launched his own show on YouTube and quit the program “heads and tails” once starred in two seasons. On instagram Ulevoi signed by 10 million people.

The icing on the cake was the affair with rapper LJ and Frank interview with Nastya Yuri Dude. The girl was not afraid to tell the details of his sex life and to talk about young members. And all Runet remember the meme about 15 centimeters.

персоны года


Alisher Morgenstern this year have proved that Russian YouTube has not been filled and there is a place for him. In February, he reached a million subscribers, and at the end of the year the number had risen to almost 3 million.

In the pages “Vkontakte” over the Alisher was mainly joking due to his hair resembling a palm tree, but in October he broke the record of site repost — his album “Before became known” Apostoli 29 thousand times in three hours.

Morgenstern was invited to “Comedy club”, he starred in chipawa clip Little Big “Skibidi”. Also Alisher has demonstrated persistent civil position — he refused to publish political advertising before the election of the President and shamed the Nikolai Sobolev and other bloggers who did it.

Alisher Morgenstern continues to work on his music and has announced a new album, due on 1 January. By the way, the famous dreadlocks are gone, and jokes about the palm lost its relevance.

персоны года


GONE.Fludd (Alexander Smirnov) — another rap-hero this year, who also starred in Skibidi. During the year, the gon flood released two successful albums — Boys Don’t Cry “Supersuits”. Viral popularity brought him the video, “This”, in which rapper appeared with a big Chupa Chups.

персоны года

GONE.Fludd is easy to invent a new word, which combines in his own Flexicon. In an interview with Yuri Dude he explained in detail what they all mean. At the end of the year GONE.Fludd went on a big tour on cities of Russia and Belarus.


Lisa Kardymovo or Minutochku on the Internet know for a long time. But the album “Coloring for adults”, which the singer released this year, brought her career to a whole new level. The press called it one of the top albums of the year, the song “everytime” became a meme.

Lisa has been a guest numerous YouTube shows and TV shows. In particular, Monetochka spoke at the”Evening Urgant” and “What? Where? When?” and even kissed Leonid Yakubovich in pole chudes.

персоны года

With the filing of Moniecki the scandal broke around the music of Zemfira, Buckwheat and her own. What Lisa first said in the show “the List” he believes the Buckwheat more “trushnoy” than Zemfira. After that Zemfira had already issued the famous tirade “Speak” to the young singers.

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Pavel Grudinin

Shone and waned this year star Pavel Grudinina on the political horizon of Russia. The head of the farm originated in the information space as a candidate from the Communist party and remembered thanks to the bots, who diligently promoted it in social networks copy-paste “Candidate of the people”.

персоны года

A striking episode was the dispute Grudinina with the Dude. Paul promised to shave off his mustache, if you get below 15% in the presidential election. He scored 12%, long unlocked, but under public pressure, the mustache still shaved. After that, he appeared in the information field only in connection with the divorce. And sorry, many hoped that in Russian politics there was indeed a new face. With moustache or without.

Theresa May

The Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may this year, suddenly gave the world a few memes. First, it after the poisoning Skrobala in Salisbury made a statement about the terrible Russian poison “Beginner“. Over the substance and its name began to joke and meme will be forever connected with may.

персоны года

Secondly, Theresa may this year showed that even if you’re a bad dancer, don’t be shy. During a visit to Africa she was trying to dance with the local kids than amused by the whole world. But Mrs may has continued to make fun of themselves and show off your robot dance and other events. Do the shortcomings of his chip, teaches us the Prime Minister.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Russian MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov in this year held the most important fight in his career — he defeated the Irishman Connor McGregor and remained the world champion of the UFC. But Habib was led to the provocation, jumped out of the ring after the fight and arranged a fight. This episode could cost the athlete career and title, but is all done. According to “Yandex” Khabib Nurmagomedov has become one of the most popular people of the year.

персоны года

Nasty Fish

Escortsite Nasty Fish (Vashukevich) suddenly became known throughout the country thanks to the investigation of Alexei Navalny about the oligarch Oleg Deripaska. The girl was present on the yacht of a businessman during a closed meeting with Deputy Chairman of Russian government Sergei Prikhodko and easily post photos and videos to instagram.

персоны года

It turned out that she had written a book about relations with Deripaska and how to seduce a billionaire, and before I undressed in the street and held orgies.

But the end of the year for Nastya Fish were disappointing. A month after the investigation, the girl and her friends were arrested in Thailand for carrying illegal sex-training.

Nastya said about the persecution, asked for political asylum in the United States in exchange for information about Russian intervention in elections in 2016, tried to bail. All to no avail, the new 2019 Nastya will meet in a Thai prison, and already on January 15, will begin hearings on her case.


One of the most Haimovich rappers of last year, this year radically changed the direction. Face (Ivan Dremin) ceased to shout “Askeri” and provocative to write tracks for Teens. Instead, the political Face recorded the album “Ways are inscrutable”, which criticized the authorities in Russia, social issues, religious issues.

“Ways are inscrutable” are attracted to the rapper in a new wave of media attention, many users have noted that the album is very strong. But fans who used to go to concerts of the faith, reacted negatively and the level of popularity of Vani has fallen markedly. In the end, the Face has canceled a fall concert tour.

персоны года

Much attention was attracted by the conflict of faith with the blogger Ruslan Tusentalet. He accused the rapper of assault and called a rat. So there was the meme “Face rat”is perhaps the only notable meme with Vanya this year.


The animated series “spongebob Squarepants,” this year was 19 years. People continue to watch it and find new patterns to memes. In 2018 they were especially numerous: “Tired spongebob”, “spongebob with money and without”, “cross-eyed spongebob with a book”.

персоны года

And this is only the memes with the main character, and then there are the “Krusty Krab” against “Garbage”, “Mr. Krabs beating a child” and one of the most popular memes this year — “Evil Patrick”. I hope the Creator of spongebob Stephen Hillenburg, who died in 2018, looks at his creation from heaven and smiling.


The villain Thanos from “the Avengers” was definitely this year one of the main memnik persons. In the film, he destroyed half of the inhabitants of the universe through his gloves. Netizens began to repeat this technique with the help of photoshop and the Internet flooded memes with disintegration.

Also meme turned the episode with cingulum Thanos and his story about his home world, which “was home and the house beautiful”.

персоны года

Reddit users has gone ahead and created a section of supporters Thanos, from which the algorithm randomly deleted half of the participants. The ceremony even took part played Thanos actor Josh Brolin.

Thanos did not leave the minds of mendelow: they found the car of Thanos, Thanos pumpkin and even explained why Thanos and Mr. Clean is one and the same person.


Mamny grandfather Harold (Andras Arato) this year has become a real public persona. He made several trips to Russia, lit on the championship of peace on football, starred in advertising of beer “Klinskoe”, football club “Manchester city”, shopping center “Planeta” and clothing store Otto.

персоны года

Harold also arrived at VK fest in Saint Petersburg and showed everyone how to smile to hide your pain. Grandpa Harold proves that there are memes passing, which nobody remembers in a week, and there are memes eternal, which even through the years are not forgotten and do not lose their relevance.

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