How to earn videoblogger in 2018? Study RIABA

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The Russian research Agency bloggers (RIABA) has prepared a report on the total earnings of top bloggers YouTube for 2018. According to the ranking, more than all the is earned Valentin Petukhov, the author of the channel Size. The top 3 also got Yuri Dude and Friend of Oblomov.

According to the report, in 2018 the Size technologer money on advertising 82 million rubles. Dude your show “wdud” — the 78.2 million, and the author of the cooking channel Oblomoff (Nice Friend, Oleg Grigoriev) totaled 52.5 million.

In the top ten richest bloggers were also: Amiran Sardarov (“Diary Hacha”) — 38,8 million rubles Versus channel Battle 35 million. Dima Maslennikov is located on the 6th place of the ranking with an income of 27 million rubles. Channel AcademeG earned 26.3 million, Stas Davydov — 24 million.

TOP 10 completing Nikolay Sobolev (23.7 million) and the channel Leonid Parfyonov “the Parthenon” (22.9 million).

11 through 15 places in the ranking of the RIABA located:

Sasha Spielberg — 19.8 million.

Nice Ildar — 15.7 million.

Yuri Khovanskii — 15.5 million.

Chicken Curry (production of Alexander Gudkov) — 12.6 million.

KLIKKLAK — 11.8 million.

Сколько заработали видеоблогеры в 2018 году? Исследование РИАБ

As noted in the document, RIABA, the figures presented represent income, not end profit.

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Author: AlenaSexi