Evgenia Medvedeva threw the packet of dumplings after the speech

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Skater Evgeny Medvedev received an unexpected gift after a speech at the championship of Russia. Together with traditional toys she threw the ice pack of ravioli. Thus blogger from St. Petersburg was brought to life by fan-made memes: fans Medvedeva for several months, joking that her canadian coach Brian Orser definitely need to try this Russian dish.

Double world champion and silver medalist of the Olympics, the figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva unsuccessfully acted in the championship of Russia in Saransk, finishing only in seventh place. But loyal fans gave her a surprise — right on the ice threw the packet of dumplings. Throw made 17-year-old blogger from St. Petersburg Yulia Tereshchenko.

A girl who leads a channel about figure skating, said Sports.ruthat joke about pelmeni — a kind of meme fans Medvedeva. In may, when it became known that the skater will train with canadian Brian Orser, the fans decided that he must try Russian cuisine.

Fans immediately thought that the championship will be held in Saransk and Brian it would be great to show our country, Russian culture, feed Russian dishes. This resulted in the meme that Brian needs to try Russian dumplings. Joked about it on Twitter and the public VC.

Two weeks before the national championship, I decided to do drop dumplings rolled Medvedeva, I will. At first was worried that such an act might look like disrespect. Asking around friends and Twitter followers – decided that it would be coolJulia Tereshchenko

Медведевой бросили пачку пельменей

Dumplings for Orser and Medvedeva Yulia bought at the supermarket for 300 rubles, during the inspection at the entrance to the ice arena blogersha said nothing.

An unusual gift to Evgeny Medvedev commented in instagram-stories. Skater appreciated the joke and said that the ravioli melted and turned to mush.

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Author: AlenaSexi