Big Chungus

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Big Chungus (Fungus, Changes, Fat rabbit bugs Bunny) meme with the image of a fat cartoon rabbit bugs Bunny, and also the name of a nonexistent game on PS4.


Frame with a thick rabbit bugs Bunny taken from the cartoon “Rabbit problem” (Wabbit Twouble), published in 1941. In the story a plump and Elmer goes to the Park Jellostone (distorted name of Yellowstone Park). He puts up a tent and going to rest, but it prevents the rabbit.

The tent was directly above his hole, and bugs Bunny just dragged her inside. After trying to catch and punish the Elmer spikes rabbit hole, but bugs all the same gets out. Then it is inflated to the size of his opponent, to portray Elmer.

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This episode comically sulking as bugs Bunny became the template for the meme known as Big Chungus.

Before becoming a meme, a frame with a fat rabbit was published by users of 4chan in their threads. The picture appeared there several times in may, July, August and December 2017. Individual memes with bugs Bunny could find on other sites, but they are not popular.

What a Chungus?

It is considered that the word Chungus in 2012 came up with the English game-journalist Jim sterling. It is derived from the phrase chunky anus, which literally translates as “hairy anus”. “Changes or Tungus” became a local meme fans of Sterling.

With years of slang word spread across the network. In August 2016, a Reddit user started a thread asking to explain the origin of “Tungus”. In the comments someone wrote a lengthy description based on the speech of the Lord from Mass Effect. The text begins with the words:

Cungus no beginning. Cungus no end. Tungus endless. Millions of years after our civilization will be eradicated and forgotten, Fungus will survive.

That meme Big Chungus, and how he appeared?

A picture with a fat bugs Bunny, stylized game on PS4 first appeared on Reddit December 1, 2018. For some reason, meme appreciated redditors, gradually, the original began to spread to other branches, and entertainment websites.

Big Chungus

Reached that invented the game started to take for real. 7 Dec Manager game store GameStop wrote on Facebook that someone seriously wanted to buy the game Big Chungus.

From 12 to 17 December, the author of the original meme GaryTheTaco, learning about the viral popularity of his creation, he published a fictional sequels of the game. So there were 2 Big Chungus, a Chungus Big 3, Big Chungus: The Pre-Sequel, Big Chungus: The Pre-Sequel-Sequel and the final part of Chungus.

Big Chungus

All this time the origin of the meme Big Chungus remained a mystery. But December 19 GaryTheTaco confirmed in one of the threads the authorship of a meme and revealed the details of his appearance. According to Gary, a picture of a rabbit, stylized game, he made back in March. Meme was meant for a friend. Only a few months the guy had the sense to publish it on Reddit — and the success was guaranteed.

In Runet meme Big Chungus has not yet become popular. Translated several memes with a fat rabbit published community Cringe in “Vkontakte”. Several public servers have extended the original memes.

21 December on channel Alef released a trailer of the game Big Chungus VI.

The value

Memes Big Chungus will be clear to those familiar with the original. It all started with the poster of a non-existent game on PS4. But over time around this non-existent games it has developed its own fandom: people make the “pirate” version, create memes with rabbit and put “Tungus” on the cover of famous games and movies. And, of course, their main desire is to make a Big Chungus real game.

In the broad sense of memes with bugs Bunny may not be tied to a gaming theme. A template with a bloated rabbit has spawned more classic memes that use images of other animals, just kidding about the fullness and gluttony.


Big Chungus

Big Chungus


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