Meme with Domino

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Meme of dominoes (the Domino Effect) meme with a man in a blue shirt and a huge dominos exhibited in size. The man pushes the smallest, and eventually falling. Meme about the Domino effect is used as a demonstration of the relationship of different people and events.


4 Dec 2009 a physicist from the University of Toronto Stephen Morris has posted on its YouTube channel a video demonstration of the Domino effect. Each of the 13 bones in one and a half times more than the previous. The first height is just 5 millimeters, and the last is above a meter.

However, the Domino effect works and the smallest piece can cause falls and is the biggest. Stephen also posted an extended version of the video.

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6 Dec 2018 Reddit user c nick liamowen30 posted in the /r/dankmemes frame with Morris, who is preparing to push the first Domino, and signed “I don’t need to go to class” and “Become homeless”.

Мем с домино

The post received more than 20 thousand upvotes, and the template with the Domino effect went to the people and became a meme.

The value

Meme of Domino shows how some events are connected with others. Sometimes something small and insignificant can lead to a complete disaster and big problems — just like in the experiment with the Domino effect. Also meme is used in an ironic way. For example, it illustrate how parents scare their children with the work of a janitor, if they are to learn well.


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Author: AlenaSexi