Major flash mobs 2018

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The Internet is great because people can pick up the most unexpected idea, and it turned into a flash mob. Some flash mobs and challenges are started deliberately, others appear completely random. Sad and funny, instructive and entertaining — all the main mobs 2018 in our collection.

In My Feelings, or #KekeChallenge

Song rapper Drake In My Feelings about love to the girl Kiki has attracted a lot of attention of users of social networks. In fact, it provoked two of the flash mob. At first people just danced under her in the most unexpected places. The coolest was will Smith, who climbed the bridge in Budapest.

But then #InMyFeelingsChallenge became more dangerous turn. People began to jump out of the cars on the move and to dance.

Sex is nice

Sex is certainly good. But there are so many things that are more beautiful. For example, a plate of hot dumplings, Cup of tea after a walk in the cold, a beautiful sunset, the ability to not work while others work.

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The list is endless. So that you can even entrust this responsibility AutoCorrect (many did this year).

What The Fluff Challenge

Animals — kings of the Internet at all times. This summer, the popularity gained What The Fluff Challenge, in which people were hiding from their dogs for a blanket and quickly ran away. The reaction of the confused dog was shot on video. Maybe next year the dogs will figure out how to avenge bullying.

If you don’t love me so

True love is tested by hardship and privation. This is what a flash mob “If you don’t love me so, you don’t deserve me so” in which people compare photos, stills from movies and cartoons, where one character depicted in the best and worst condition. It got to the point that the flash mob was joined by stars of world size.

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Gucci Challenge

The Gucci brand is this year staged an unusual show, where models carried down the runway copies of their own goals. Users of social networks began to repeat this trick with your friends, photos under the hashtag #GucciChallenge flooded instagram. Fashion literally went to mass and was very fun.

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Naked dancing to Satisfaction

Flight school cadets in Ulyanovsk stripped down to their underwear and lit under the track Satisfaction. The poor fellows almost got expelled, the whole story could end very sad. But, thank God, nothing happened. And sexy dancing to Satisfaction become a mass phenomenon and one of the brightest Russian flash mobs this year.

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Karma Is a Bitch

All of us sometimes want to look better than we really are. Women often help with the right hair and makeup. The power of the beauty of women showed a flash mob Karma Is a Bitch, in which the girls appear prettier like magic. Shot these videos mainly in Asia, but watched the people around the world.

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Flashmob #Atoposauridae appeared after the terrible murder of a student in Moscow. Her neighbor, with whom she previously had a relationship, brutally killed the girl and abused her body, as told in detail in the network. After that the young man committed suicide. The story has been widely discussed, many based on the pictures in instagram, the girl accused of misconduct and provocation.

главные флешмобы 2018

In response, the other girls began to upload photos in their underwear with the hashtag #Atoposauridae and emphasize that sexuality should not be punished. Not without skeptics, who believed that girls in shorts nothing will prove. Anyway, the flash mob became very noticeable.

Clip of the Russian group Little Big “Skibidi” got 100 million views, and has undoubtedly become one of the most successful video this year. Funny dance artists led to the emergence of Skibidi Challenge. Funny motion easy to repeat, it all looks quite cheerfully. Skibidi Challenge was supported by the bloggers, brands and even the TV show “Evening Urgant”.

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Shooting stars

Flashmob “Falling stars”in which man lies on the ground surrounded by different items, spread the stars of the Russian showbiz. Basically they “drop” with private jets and luxury yachts. But in China and other Asian countries this flash mob has gone to the people. People with it have started to show their Hobbies and profession.

главные флешмобы 2018

Eating capsules Tide Pods

Jokes about eating capsules for washing Tide Pods flooded the social network in late 2017 and early 2018. Some took them seriously or just decided to hypenate, and really tried to eat toxic detergent. YouTube has blocked this video, but scientists had earnestly explain why capsules “Tide” in no case can not eat.

главные флешмобы 2018

2012 vs 2018

Pictures of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth at the Oscars in 2012 and 2018, has led to the fact that netizens started to compare what has changed over these six years. Popularity of the mob has got in Russia, where people have demonstrated that in political and public life, everything is still and nothing is changing for the better.

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Whiskers of hope

Before the start of the world Cup in Russia, the team of the program “Evening Urgant” announced flashmob “Whiskers of hope” in honor of the mustachioed head coach Stanislav Cherchesov. And the better our team played, the more people joined the flashmob, sculpted and painted his mustache. Hopes come true, the Russian team reached the quarterfinals.

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