Jan from “the TEC Current” boy or girl?

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Ian Soulless, Yann Lisss, Jan Fox, Jan Tomba a popular video blogger from the app Tik Tok. Ian looks and behaves like a boy but actually a girl.

Who is Jan from “the TEC Current?”

Official information about Jan little. It is known that he was from Yekaterinburg and it is 15 years old. It is written in his account information in the “Tik Tok”. Yang himself admits that he is a tumb, that there is a girl who dresses and acts like a boy.

It should not be confused with tomboi with trangenderism. Tomboy not do surgery sex change, and not always are lesbian, most often it is just the style and way of life.

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Yan became popular in the app Tik Tok because of its way and numerous live entertainment. In December 2018, he has over 550 thousand subscribers.

Looked like Yang Tomba before I become a boy?

Many are trying to find the page Jan in “Vkontakte” or even to calculate how he looked like before the transformation. But according to him, the social network it is not registered. Despite this, it is possible to find a lot of fake accounts and fan pages. Here’s proof from the Yana, where he says he only has accounts in Instagram, Tik Tok on YouTube.

By the way, on YouTube there is a video in which Ian recounts who Tomboy and how one girl became a boy.

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According to fans of Ian in a past life name was Christine. But confirmation of this is not. Also the Internet is full of commercials, which supposedly recorded before Ian, how to become a guy. But this also no confirmation — many fans agree that it is not.

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However, the same fans Jan send each other one photograph, which allegedly depicted a Jan from “the TEC Current” with long hair.

Page of Jan in “Tik Tok”: @_yann._

Page Jan on YouTube

Page Jan in Instagram

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Author: AlenaSexi