Who are hackery?

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Heckler (Heckler) , in modern slang it is a person from the audience, which interferes with the performance of comedian or Stendera. The term appeared in the 19th century and has undergone many interpretations.

The origin of the word Heckler

It is considered that the word heckler comes from the English verb heckle, which literally translates as “scratch len” or “len [“. Accordingly, the “Heckler” is the one who combed flax.

Breaking flax is one of the stages of cultivation of flax, in which crepaldi roughly holding a knife (tripala), a handful of flax to separate the fiber from the stalk.

What about the linen associated with stand up?

The second meaning of the word “Heckler” found in 1885 in Scotland. It happened in Dundee, where travelwiki flax factory read news from the newspaper, when all of his colleagues worked. According to destiny, this episode entered history, and since then the word “Heckler” became known as “the man who prevents or disturbs”.

Hackery in the arts, sports and politics

In the 20th century the term “Heckler” was included in the dictionaries and has come to mean not only trepalina flax, but also of a person who intentionally or accidentally interferes with the performance artist on stage. Chicleros may be the usual drunken spectator, who does not like something. But hackery may not be random, if so conceived scenario. For example, they were an important part of the theater of vaudeville.

Heckling applied to all areas where there are speakers and the audience. This applies to theater, music, sports and politics. So, it is believed that the famous speech of Martin Luther king was partly improvised under the influence of Heckler.

According to “Wikipedia”, the performance figure was largely a response to his supporter Mahalia Jackson, who interrupted the speech with shouts of “Tell’ em about the dream, Martin.” Then king stopped reading the prepared speech and began to improvise. It is this last part became the most famous and went down in history.

Hackery in standup

In the 21st century with the proliferation of stand-word Heckler became increasingly associated with comedians. Performances of Comedy artists, usually take place on the open stage and in the audience you can often see drunken people.

Stand-up comedians mostly do not like Chekirov because they break the speech. Many of them are doing it on purpose to annoy the artist or to draw attention to themselves — in this regard, the Heckler becomes a normal Troll, who works in the Internet and in real life.

For example, what kind of dialogue happened with the famous in the early 2000s, comedian Richard Herring and chicleros from the audience.

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Faced with hackerama, artists often have to get out of the situation and beat the conversation so that it became ridiculous. Some make it into his piece, as the Russian comedian Ilya Sobolev — each performance begins with communication with the audience. And if the room has inadequate viewer, as a rule, it will be fun.

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So, concluding my speech, let’s define who gaklery and what is a Heckler:

Hackery in standup — people from the audience that intentionally or accidentally interfere with the performance of the comedian by shouting or inappropriate behavior.

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Author: AlenaSexi