Main memes 2018 according to Google

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Google summed up the results of 2018 and noted the main topics and events that interested the Russians. In the ranking of the most popular memes was Elon Musk, Momo and “the Mouse (kradetsya)”.

The study notes that the list of trends tailored search queries, which showed the highest growth in traffic during the year.

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TOP 10 major memes 2018 by Google

In the first place of the rating was Elon Musk, which in 2018 was several memes. In the beginning of the year aviruses phrase “How’s that, Elon Musk”, in February, the entrepreneur launched into space Tesla car, pictures of which went on new faces, and in September, Elon Musk has smoked grass live and also became a meme.

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In the top three list also got memes “Momo” and “Mouse (kradetsya)”. Here is the full list of popular memes 2018:

Elon Musk


Mouse (kradetsya)

For myself and for Sasha

The son of my mother’s friends

Kyle Wren

Surprised Pikachu


Gigi steps


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Author: AlenaSexi